If you could only get out of your head…

The constant bombardment of ‘noise’ makes it difficult to be aware of how you intrinsically feel about something.

The thoughts in your head keep pulling you this way and that… hither and yon, up and down – until you no longer know what you believe because your mind plays tricks on you.

Where can you find the peace to step back and think about an issue?

When your mind wanders…

Mindfulness is a scientifically proven way to improve many psychological symptoms like depression and anxiety.

I will guide you through the practice of directing your attention in a particular way so that your attention is experiencing the present moment.

It’s about being aware of when your mind wanders away from this present moment and kindly escorting your attention away from the thinking mind and back into the present moment.

There are hundreds of tools you can discover that will support you to focus your attention in the ever-present moment.

The trick is to find the way that is enjoyable to you.

That’s right, I said enjoyable.

When you find the tool that feels right, mindfulness can be a fun and liberating practice.

Perhaps that accounts for its popularity, who knows.

Learning to be present is a reward to yourself.

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