Divorce When Children Are Involved

Sometimes it’s just time to part ways.

There is just too much anger and bitterness – too much water under the bridge.

But what about the kids?

They are hurting, too. They realize the two people they love most in the world are fighting and soon the family will break up.

While you may be moving on by getting a divorce, you both have at least one thing very precious in common – your children.

You will be coordinating your time to take care of the little ones.

You will have to interact, perhaps during school activities or the holidays.

Sometimes, couples facing these challenges come in to work on their communication skills.

They each know the relationship is over, but sharing custody lives on for several more years.

Your children learn from watching how you handle things.

Couples work to be role models for their children’s benefit, despite the quality of the personal relationship with the other parent.

I work with divorced and divorcing couples to help them practice communication skills to reduce stress and anxiety.

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