Consulting Services

Poor communication skills are costly in any organization.

Simply practicing listening skills can make a huge difference in the way people relate to each other.

Perhaps you are a couples workshop leader interested in incorporating creative teaching aids into your trainings, and you just don’t have the time to develop the classroom materials that I have spent years developing in my private practice.

Maybe you own a business or run an organization and are looking for a consultant to assess your unique communication challenges that are costing you money, team morale, and maybe impacting your bottom line.

As a consultant, I support professionals in solving unique communication challenges using a step-by-step, respectful approach that develops an ability to talk in non-blaming ways using adult-talking boundaries.

I work to provide solutions whether you are an educator looking for an easy method to incorporate classroom lesson plans or a business wanting to create a communication skills package that is user friendly and gets the job done.

You don’t want a lot of fluff.

Who has the time for that? You want your problem solved, yesterday! There are different types of skills that address different kinds of issues.

I provide powerful, step-by-step practice aids and personal oversight to support your creating effective communication strategies that work.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and how we might work together. Depending on your unique situation, a tailored package of learning materials and/or recommendations can be created especially for you.

I bring my technical expertise on human behavior to your project or problem.

I consult with clients in a time-limited, short-term basis to identify and solve problems existing in organizations or within teams or groups.

As an example, I collaborate with writing teams to enhance a script to reflect accurate and believable dialogue between characters where mental illness is involved.

I incorporate creative strategies based on your needs to address the unique and specific areas where you would like support, clarity, or evaluation regarding your situation.

Let me help you work through your team’s issues.

I offer consultations in person, by telephone, or online video conferencing using a HIPAA-compliant platform which is private and secure.

Online conferencing can be easily programed, so participants start out in a group and are periodically divided into smaller groups of 1-3 for practicing the skills introduced.

If you would like more specific information on how I might provide some value to your unique challenge, please call me at (310) 993-8255 or complete the contact form below.

We can discuss whether we may be a good fit for each other.