Communication Skills

Jeff and Nancy* were locked into a pattern of resentment and blame.

Their conversations seemed to drive them further apart and create less understanding.

Both were feeling very discouraged and beginning to question if their relationship had a future.

They both wondered what happened to the enjoyable early days of their relationship when they seemed to get along so well.

Two Sides to Every Story

Jeff complained that he felt nagged and corrected – and that nothing he did was good enough.

Nancy complained that she felt she was constantly being persuaded to do things Jeff’s way, and she was tired of it.

I worked with this couple to identify and create healthy boundaries that could shift the dynamic of their relationship.

To Each, Their Own

I helped them each feel respected and acknowledged for who they were as individuals.

In this work, I encourage couples to move into ways of relating that doesn’t leave either one feeling like a child dealing with a parent.

Once they each realized their patterns of over-responsibility, they felt appreciated for who they were as fully functioning adults.

This freed up a lot of energy that they could direct into creating enjoyable time together, which naturally led to increased sexual intimacy.

Creating the Win-Win

Jeff began to feel appreciated, and Nancy started to feel like she had a choice in important matters.

Their relationship became more of a creative partnership, rather than a drain on two people at odds with one another.

I work with people in troubled and failing relationships by creating a safe space where each party can be honest with the other.

We will practice communication skills in a straightforward, step-by-step approach that liberates you to experience a healthy relationship.

Connect to Your Feelings and Your Needs

As a society, we are often taught to ignore what we are feeling and to deny what we need. This is the exact problem that leads to so much misunderstanding, blame and hurt.

I teach people how to get super selfish in healthy ways and create opportunities for intimacy and satisfaction.

Sounds counter intuitive, right?

My clients benefit from cutting-edge research on relationship satisfaction.

You will spend the majority of the session speaking with each other, practicing a range of important skills while avoiding the failures in communication that have brought you into my office.

Step back from the edge and get back in the sweet spot.

You will receive helpful handouts and easy-to-use guidance during our session work. I empower you to communicate in ways that make a difference immediately.

My clients marvel at how enjoyable it feels to express complex and difficult emotions.

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*Jeff and Nancy are a compilation of many clients.