Brief Therapy

Available only to California Residents

Brief Therapy is short-term therapy that is solution focused.

We don’t spend time delving into your past or into the unconscious forces that unexpectedly direct your thoughts and behaviors.

Brief Therapy is focused on supporting you to build solutions that support your desired future. I offer brief therapy because not everyone has the intention or the inclination to enter 3 to 12 months or more of therapy.

If this is the case, you may be interested in brief therapy.

The Brief Therapy I provide comes in a packaged set of 2 or 8 sessions. Brief therapy is highly structured, and its length depends on the relationship issues you are facing.

Brief Therapy is individualized and tailored to your unique situation and has a definite beginning, middle and an end. It is most effective if you are willing to engage in at least 10 minutes of homework, 3 to 7 days a week. If you feel that this is the choice that fits, give me a call. We can discuss the issues you are facing and if brief therapy is a good fit for you.

Please scroll down the page for more information on pricing. Two-session Brief Therapy Packages are prepaid prior to the first session. Eight-session packages are paid in full at the end of the first session, when client commits to all eight-sessions. Should you decide at the first session not to proceed with the package for any reason, you will only be charged $200 for the one session.


The following two-session brief therapy packages consist of two 50-minute sessions in my Beverly Hills office and must be completed within 2 or 3 weeks.

Alternatively, these sessions can be held online through my secure, HIPAA-compliant, video conferencing platform. The fee for two-session packages is $425.

One of the main benefits of these brief therapy packages is you walk away with essential handouts you can apply to similar situations in your relationships.


This package supports you in identifying and practicing the necessary skills to deliver a difficult, challenging, or uncomfortable communication that represents healthy, adult functioning.

Maybe you have been trying to communicate a particular message about how you were impacted by something that happened. But now you are avoiding this person until you figure out what to say and how to say it.

Perhaps you need to set a firm boundary, but you are afraid. Do you have someone in your life who is stepping all over you, and you’re not sure how to respond?

We often just need to get some clarity on an issue and practice some effective communication skills to be effective.

We start by your identifying the situation of concern, how it’s impacted you, and what your intended outcome is for this relationship.

From there, I support you to identify the salient features of your “Dear John” communication.

After choosing the most appropriate message for your situation, I introduce specific communication tools using a unique combination of psychoeducation in a clear, step-by-step process that we practice using role play.


This package involves identifying an area of your life where you can practice what I call “healthy selfishness” which supports you in making healthy, self-honoring choices.

Consider this package a crash course on healthy ways to focus on yourself.

I help you identify opportunities for self-care and give you homework for putting into practice your self-honoring choices.

During our second session, we will review your progress, make any necessary adjustments, and practice two important communication skills that will be introduced.


This package is a mini course on mindfulness and is helpful if you spend too much time worrying or thinking about the past or future.

The first session includes introducing and experiencing various mindfulness approaches.

Based on your evaluation of these approaches, I will customize and record a 5-minute mindfulness MP3 that you can listen to daily.

Next, you will experience a closed eye, mindfulness meditation for grounding that can be used in any stressful situation.

You will receive a handout on this and other mindfulness exercises that you can take home and use for your personal practice.


Maybe it’s time you start caring less instead of more!

Here is your chance to practice the skillful art of not giving a damn. This package will introduce you to a unique way to focus your attention that will leave you experiencing greater levels of inner freedom.

Using a combination of psychoeducation and inner process work, you will practice key ways to avoid and/or desist from engaging in patterns of over-involvement and over-responsibility.

Discover healthy ways to not give a damn!

During the second session, you will create your very own ‘escape route,’ as I walk you through a closed eye process that you can use in the future to maintain or regain equanimity in challenging conversations.


Eight-session packages focus on creating concrete, achievable goals, and all eight sessions must be completed within 10 weeks, unless prior arrangements are made.

The fee for the eight-session package is $1,300.

Clients commit to attending all sessions by the end of the first session.

If for some reason, by the end of our first session, you have changed your mind, you will only be charged $150 for the one session.

Please note all eight-session packages are held in person at Inner Freedom.


In this eight-session package, you set the goals regarding what you would like to have happen within the eight-session time frame.

For example, one goal may be, “I would like my husband to talk nicer to me.” Or, “I would like to react more calmly to my daughter when I get upset.”

During the initial session, you will answer a series of questions that will enable us to distill the exact nature of your goal and how you will know when the goal is met.

Next, we work to conceptualize your goals in the given time frame and address any concerns or questions regarding the process.

Then, we work on practicing the goal-directed behaviors. We re-assess and refine treatment as the sessions progress, and you practice new behaviors.

At session seven we address the ending of treatment and focus on supporting you to maintain changes over time.

You decide the pace and whether you want to include a homework component.


This package is focused on facing anxiety-producing challenges in a relationship.

Do you avoid important communications? Or, perhaps you are struggling with anxiety that blocks you from being vulnerable with your partner.

Instead, maybe your anxiety prevents you from being assertive or keeps you socially isolated. You get the idea.

The initial session involves answering specifically directed questions about the nature of your anxiety.

We work to conceptualize your goals and address any concerns and/or questions.

Next, the interventions are practiced as we reassess and fine tune the treatment goal.

In session seven we address the ending of treatment and support is given to helping you maintain the changes. There is weekly homework of 30 minutes to 90 minutes a week.

SINGING IN THE RAIN (Prior Experience Required)

This package focuses exclusively on building the skills of acceptance and forgiveness as it relates to your relationship with a partner, your mother, or your father.

This package is designed for those individuals who have worked with forgiveness before and are ready to do it again.

We start off by looking at the relationship being addressed and supporting you to identify what you feel should be different about that person or their behavior.

We use this information to determine the judgments you are holding.

Next, through a unique combination of inner process work and gestalt modalities, you will work with the judgments to gain understanding and to identify how these patterns play out in your relationship with yourself.

Once identified, you can begin the work of releasing the judgments and updating the limiting beliefs.

You will need to commit to doing 30-90 minutes of weekly homework and have prior experience with the power of forgiveness.

If you have any questions about this package and are wondering if you have the experience level necessary to purchase this package, please call to discuss.


This package addresses the world of your dreams.

It is required you have at least two dreams recorded in some detail before signing up for this package.

Sessions involve having you identify the various symbols and images in your dream.

You will then determine the meaning of your own dream using a straightforward, step-by-step process that enables you to unpack your dream’s meaning and the messages your dream holds.

Once you have unpacked the meaning of your first dream and are ready to move on, we will start on the second dream.

If you have more dreams during the course of the seven sessions, they will be addressed and explored based on your preferences.